About Us

Farm4u India Pvt. Ltd. is an initiative to supply organic and naturally grown farm products to the market. We have incorporated the concept of organic farming by using plant-based properties called bio regenerators from Kushi Crop Care in our cultivation methods, to help in reducing health and environmental risks caused by chemical-based fertilizers. These bio regenerators are made from natural plant extracts and help improve soil quality and enhance agricultural output. Our resolve is to provide premium quality products and promote a healthy lifestyle.

We have farmlands located in and around Bengaluru. We believe in bringing our products directly to the consumers without involving the middleman and always strive to supply the best for our customers at affordable prices. Since we come from a corporate background, we understand the needs of our customers and aim to attain customer satisfaction at every stage which adds value and weightage to our company. Our experts have invested 8 years in research and development towards formulating effective strategies and generating the catalysts that are essential for natural farming.

Our Value proposition
To supply organically grown farm produce at a very competitive price and to promote a healthy lifestyle for our consumers.
To be a market leader and propagate organic farming tools and techniques providing plant-based superior quality products to the agricultural community while improving the quality of the Farmer life.
Management Team

Farm4u India Pvt. Ltd. is founded Mr Anand N Raju who is extremely passionate about farming and cultivation. The main motto behind establishing Farm 4U is to help reduce the health risk of farmers that are encountered while spraying chemicals to the crops by replacing chemicals to organic spray which not only improves farmers health but also initiates the practice of growing organic crops, thereby increasing the supply of healthy & nutritious vegetables to customers. We strongly believe transforming farmers into natural farming is equivalent to transforming lifestyle of people into healthy eating.

We will be eternally grateful to Mr Shylesh NP and Mr Srinivas DJ for their contributions and support over the past five to six years of planning, research, hard work, and dedication.

Mr Anand N Raju is an expert professional in the field of interiors and home furnishing with a sales experience of twenty-five years.

Ms Meenakshi Anand is an Ingredient Expert heading our Food Section. With over two decades of expertise, all our healthy meals and snacks are crafted by her.

Ms Prathiba G, with over 15 years of experience in Operations, Branding & Marketing, is leading the Operations of Farm 4U.

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