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about Organic Farming

The concepts of Organic Farming has brought a paradigm shift in modern-day farming techniques in terms of the extensive use of natural products and fertilizers for crop growth, and sustenance of the health of soil, ecosystem and people. We at Farm4u India Pvt. Ltd., strongly believe in the principle of organic farming and propagate this technique through our own products and cultivation methods. The use of plant-based fertilizers from Kushi Crop Care has greatly changed our method of cultivation and has helped us bring fresh, superior quality and environment-friendly products to consumer door-step and promote a healthy lifestyle.

1.Farm fresh produce

We cultivate 30+ varieties of fresh and superior quality vegetables and seasonal fruits using plant-based fertilizers. These products are door-delivered at affordable prices.

2.Plant-based sprays and fertilizers

The products we supply in association with Kushi Crop Care are made using herbal and plant extracts and are effective in all stages of the life cycle of a pest. They are natural products available at affordable rates.



Our vegetables are grown and cultivated during their natural growth cycles using plant-based products and ecosystem friendly cultivation techniques. We believe in retaining nature and natural cycles in all our endeavours and our list of organically grown vegetables include-


fRUITS Products

We grow seasonal fruits like Mango, Grapes, Muskmelon. Watermelon, Oranges etc among others and all-season fruits like Banana, Sweet lime, Papaya etc. We do not use any artificial ripening agents and believe in growing these fruits during their natural growth cycles.


Rice Products


MILLETS Products


Benefits of Organic Farming

Plant based sprays and fertilizers

The plant-based products are manufactured and supplied by Kushi Crop Care and are divided into two main categories: agents that help in disease & pest control and agents that are used as growth promoters. Disease-control products are: Danavanthri-Virus control, Suryanandi- Fungus control, Raksha- Bacteria control and Pest-control products include: Lokamudra-Mites & Thrips control, Nirgamana- DBM and BPH control, Srikara-Flying insects control, Indirakshi- Nematode control. The products that are used to enhance plant growth are Geetamrutha, Tejus, and Sarathi. These products have been developed after years of intensive research and are one of a kind in the market today. What sets these products apart is their uncompromised quality and affordable rates.

All Organic Products

How we produce

Benefits of Organic Farming

The positive effects of our organic farming and cultivation techniques on the environment are:

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