why us

Organic Farming techniques combine scientific research and modern-day technology with traditional farming practices to produce fresh, good-quality products. We at Farm4u India Pvt. Ltd., believe in cultivating only seasonal fruits and vegetables, thereby working with nature, its natural processes, and cycles. Since we realize the effects of chemical-based fertilizers on nature and the farmers that work closely with these products, our mantra towards farming and cultivation is to make use of plant-based fertilizers and work in close association with the local ecosystem. The plant-based fertilizers we utilize are a result of many years of scientific research.

These are broad-spectrum and effectively control pests, insects, viral, fungal and bacterial diseases and help maintain crop health. Apart from these external inputs, we also make use of traditional farming practices. Water and soil nutrients play a crucial role in the growth of plants. We use irrigation techniques like channel, bunding, drip, and sprinkler, for better yield and effective water conservation. In addition, we also believe in carrying out crop rotation and using techniques like green manure and composting to preserve soil strength, maintain nutrient balance and soil quality. Our technique of polyculture has helped us encourage crop diversity and support a wide range of beneficial insects and soil microorganisms, thereby adding to the overall farm health.

We at Farm4u India Pvt. Ltd., strive to provide organically grown fruits and vegetables to the larger community through our tried and tested farming methods. We realise that pesticide-laden produce can have adverse long-lasting effects on both human and environmental health and we have taken numerous measures to prevent this, thereby making it our business motto. Our zeal to supply healthy and nutritious produce makes us the most sought after in the market.